And sometimes it’s just like a Friday…!

Here’s a story of how PR can be so much fun! My firm handled the PR for the launch of TGI Friday’s and I have to say, it really is always Friday in there.
For us Karachiites, eating out is probably a must on weekends – and of course the quick lunch hours a couple of times a week are an entertainment all on their own. Especially when you’re having a bad work day, a quick bite with friends for a pick-me-up is not a bad idea at all.
This is what brings me to talk about the newest rage in K-town – TGI Friday’s! A job well done by the new franchise owners, MCR – the critics loved it! The food was every bit as delicious as anywhere else in the world and the drinks were just as yummy as well.

Oreo Madness

Oreo Madness

Mac&Cheese from the Kids' Menu

Mac&Cheese from the Kids’ Menu

The happy, hardworking team that brings you TGI Friday's!

The happy, hardworking team that brings you TGI Friday’s!

Although it was a PR activity, the product sold itself. The ambiance was casual, yet gave the air of a power lunch with each and every table buzzing with happy customers (mind you, this is on a weekday lunch hour). The food was cooked to perfection – I especially enjoyed the mac&cheese from the kids’ menu, never had anything so comforting and fun ever before.

Lessons learnt:
– TGI Friday’s is good food
– When the product is so good, the PR becomes a piece of cake! (or should I say, the signature Oreo Madness by TGI Friday’s?!)
– In here, it’s always Friday!


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