Social Media Engagement: The conversation is happening now – with or without you…

Corporate circles active on Facebook were going crazy wondering why their Facebook fan pages’ likes are dropping so drastically today. Its simple, according to Facebook is getting rid of fake accounts, likes and users! ( )

This has been a point of discussion in social media circles for a while – when will corporations understand the need for engagement and not increasing likes and follows?

It is best practice to outsource your social media activities to a digital marketing agency as it is very extensive and creative work. However, the grievance of any digital agency is the same; clients are always asking for increased likes and follows for their brands. So far it can be managed by using applications that ensure large numbers of fake profiles to get the deed done. Guess what? This approach doesn’t do anything for your business.

The key is to engage! A simple three-step process really…

1. Be Present:
Consumers today expect companies they do business with to have a social media presence. By being there you give them the satisfaction of being accessible and having the capacity to move with the winds of change.

2. Listen:
Consumers expect brands to listen and acknowledge when they have feedback to give. This is real-time market research, brands learn more about their target audience by hearing them out and understanding their needs.

3. Act:
Acknowledgement can only be communicated via engagement which is what you must do in order to maintain an active social media presence. This gives you the opportunity to improve according to the needs of the consumer and recommend them of any misconceptions they may foster.

Community isn’t developed through campaigns it’s developed through continuous, authentic engagement. The rules of social media are being written everyday – brands that experiment, innovate and engage will see the most success.


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