Cinnabon Karachi goes ‘Social’!

Knowing the local social media gurus in your locality is becoming an important practice for any business. The F&B industry is catching up to it as well.

The idea behind engaging bloggers to advocate your product is simple.

– Drive brand awareness

– Increase engagement

– Quick turnaround

– Up those sales!

Cinnabon hosted its first ever Bloggers’ Meet in Karachi in anticipation of creating hype for their second outlet in Karachi. This particular kiosk style outlet offers the full range of Cinnabon delicacies ranging from their scrumptious Cinnamon rolls to their refreshing and ultra delicious Chillatas. My personal favourite are the Cinnamon sticks.

Definitely a great way to keep up the quality and recall of the product. Kudos to Cinnabon for setting up a good practice.


One thought on “Cinnabon Karachi goes ‘Social’!

  1. Is it worth using personal blogs for link building?
    I heard they are useful but unsure if they are still goodpost
    Added a link on Facebook, hope you dont mind!

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